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August 19, 2005



Wow, I did NOT notice that about the nickel buffalo! Too funny!

Hang in there, I hope you're doing OK.


Oh, my gawd I just lurve you! No one else [that I know] has noticed the... buffalo penis... on the nickle! Ah! I agree, with our stuffy country I can't believe that was ok'd. Hey, why not?

Glad you're recharged - eat some cheese for me and I'll send over some nice thoughts to your fam.

Karen M

I never noticed that before either! Man, that's funny. I bet nobody at the Treasury Dept. noticed that too!

Glad your batteries are recharged and you're doing better. Hang in there.


Uptight? Stuffy? What country do you live in? Or better yet, compared to what country? China? Switzerland? Japan? Iraq? Singapore? I think a country that can kill you for selling drugs is pretty uptight. I think a country that will kill your children if you have more than one is pretty uptight. I think a country that will kill you for having an affair is pretty uptight.

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