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October 20, 2005



If it helps at all, the Yarn Harlot is going through a similar hard time:

As she indicated in a later posting, she is looking for joy to counteract the sorrow. May you find your joy today. -Mary


Charlotte is beautiful. Sorry for the down day, I agree with Mary - may you find your joy today.


I'm so sorry you had such a tough day.

The pictures of your fam are great! Everyone looks like they had a blast at the beach.

Oh, and I firmly believe that since the baby was early you have until the *actual* due date to finish the booties. Ha, ha.

xx hope tomorrow is better.


Hang in there, babe! Take solice in the calming rhythm of knitting and the love you are obviously surrounded by.


Hang in there Share. I'll be thinking of you today.


I love Charlotte's scarf. What is the pattern? I am new to knitting and sick of garter stitch.

Thank you! =)

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