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November 28, 2005



That's funny that you mention that about DIY not liking tattoos, because I was watching Knitty Gritty the other day and could have sworn I saw that Vicki Howell had a tattoo on her upper back (she turned around in a "knit bit" and was wearing a shirt/sweater where the neckline was lower than normal in the back). It was just split-second thing, and so I could be mistaken, but it made an impression on me, thinking to myself, (hmmm... so Vicki has a tat, interesting!).

Anyway, I'm guessing that as long as the tattoo is covered while you're on camera, then no big deal. And hey, they brought you on the show for the exact purpose of highlighting R&R knitters, and let's face it -- rock-n-rollers have tatts! I think it's purty!


hey mary! yes, vickie has more than one tat and DIY make her cover them up for the show. she and i had quite a laugh about it. that ancient attitude that 'tats are bad' is just sooooooooo dated! wow.

as for purty.......thank you!


Wait, what? DIY doesn't allow tattoos? Jeeze, I can understand their not wanting, say, offenssive tattoos, but sheesh, something lovely and tasteful like yours shouldn't offend their allegedly hip demographic. sheesh
Looks great, btw. :)


Great tat!!!!


Love the new tat, Bam did a great job designing it. DIY needs to get over it and let Vicki and yourself showcase your art.


DIY sucks. Sorry, a bit harsh? They need to lighten up [ha, ha, I guess I do too!]

Hey - I think that tat is da bomb and it kind of reminds me of superheros [a good thing] so that nick name I gave you earlier isn't way off...
SuperShare! To the rescue!

[yes - still high on sugarrrrrrrr]


DIY sucks! OK, a bit harsh? No, seriously... they need to lighten up.

So hey, I think your tatoo looks like a superhero tatoo so that nickname I gave you earlier today wasn't far off!
SuperShare... to the rescue!!

[still high on sugarrrrrrr and if this comment is a duplicate, please erasie it. Thanks]

Karen M

That tat turned out beautifully! Inked in front of a camera? You are brave.

I don't understand what DIY's problem is with tattoos. I think it looks pretty and nonoffensive...but then, what do I know?

Hope the meeting with your editor goes well!


Hey Share...love the new tat! What an awesome design, adn it looks great!
I find it hilarious that some people still turn their noses up about tattoos today...DIY needs to get a grip and stop acting like it's still 1940s America. Geez.


You are gorgeous and so are your tats! Piss on DIY...
I cant believe they would be like that...it is almost 2006 fer cripes sakes..
How disturbing....
Knit on...

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