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December 22, 2005



Look at you go girl. Cabling ---- I am so jealous. You will have to show me when I get home.......

Have a great Xmas



Bam looks like some exotic creature rising from a lagoon...to hunt something...lol.
Love love love the scarf covering his face...what sort of stitch is that? is it a drop stitch?
do tell do tell....I must try!
a fan from far away across the sea...
Moon ;0)


Cute hats! And those turquoise Chuck Taylors - I'm seriously jealous! Very cool. Not 80's here but it was mid-50's, which is about as warm as I want it to get in December. It's winter, after all! Merry Christmas!


Hi Share, thought I'd drop by one of my favourite online haunts and am immediately jealous that you can do cables! ;) The hat looks great, by the way.
Hope you and yours are having an amazing holiday.


Did you buy your "Chucks" in L.A., if so, where? I love you blog & your knitted items! :)


Love the cons:)


Ooh!! Gotta love those Converse! (I am totally in love with All-Stars..) Also, I love love love that scarf! Awesome job.

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