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February 27, 2006


Ann Marie

HA.. thanks for the silly laugh.
I needed that today..

That was as good as the BF telling me about his dream Saturday night that the cash machine at the car wash only took donuts and all the donuts he found weren't round. It was the silliest thing.. but I had tears rolling down my face I was laughing so hard..

So maybe your little joke has a good point when I read it. :)


Ha, ha... GOOFBALL.

Lynn H.

I needed a laugh...:)



wow, so many patterns. Thanks for the link! ^_^


Which pattern did you knit?


hi, i just found your site and blog... I just started a punk knitting podcast called Mosh Knit and I thought i'd let you know i planne don featuring you this week and also was curious if you would like to write/read something for my show sometime... feel free to email me about the details..


Karen M

I love making washcloths! If you're new to designing, they're easy enough to make up yourself too. I think the site you linked to has some tips for your own pattern.

*snicker* Goofy joke! This former special ed. teacher liked it...


Hi Share,
Yeah, knitted dishcloths rock the party that rocks the body, heh. I knit up literally dozens of them for family and friends for Christmas gifts this past year, and got rave reviews! They're durable, machine washable, and scrub the crap outta whatever you're cleaning. Love 'em! Like Mary, however, I'm curious as well in regards to which pattern you used.
The punkknits.com site kicks ass so far, by the way. Good stuff!


Love your blog!! The girls made me read the joke aloud the other night. HA HA..very funny....
See ya round the Cafe.

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