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March 05, 2006



Hey, you get to do the things that you love to do and get it out there into the world and sometimes you even get paid for it. The people who gripe about whether you are "authentic" (whatever that really means) and if you are using them for market research (instead of giving them an opportunity to have a say in an upcoming publication) probably just stopped by your blog to see if they could find something to be critical of. Since when is being divisive and exclusionary punk rock anyway?


Share, I hate shit like that. You do what you do coz it's fun and I'm pretty sure this book is not going to turn you into a millionaire. People become really bitchy on the internet as I'm pretty sure that person would never say it to your face. A little encouragement would be nice - it's not like you are WALMART! Rock on Share!!!!


Share, I just got done reading those dumb comments over on that LJ forum you were talking about....whatever happened to showing support for people who like to do the same things as you do? Eh, they're just jealous that you are getting this kick ass opportunity with the book, and the fact that you have such wonderful designs and projects.
I bet if you ever saw these people out, they'd kiss the ground you walk on and tell you how creative and awesome you are for going after something you love to do. The hell with them Share; WE can't wait for your book and WE live for your new knitting projects....so "pimp" away honey! :)


Wow. Pay no mind.


Seems to me there's a lot of jealousy going on over there. Bet they'd all jump at the chance to do a book - it's pretty sad they have nothing better to do than bash someone for doing what they want to do!


Well I'd say if the worst thing people can think of to call you is a "businesswoman" you need to get out there and live it up a little more. haha


Oh, I remember the first time I came across a community post, ripping me apart. I guess it's a designer's/blogger's rite of passage.
Don't let it get to you :)


Hi, I've been enjoying reading your blog for a while (can't remember how I found it). Anyway, pay no mind to that nonsense. Good luck with the needles and the book.


Eh, fuck em. Know matter what anybody does, there will always be haters. As per our previous conversations -you are doing something you love to do and that is fabulous. As are you.



Hi, I'm good friends with "5eh", who started that punk_knitters group on LJ. In fact, I signed on immediately when she started it, along with one other friend -- the three of us seriously thought we were just making a group for the three of us to babble at, like a "knitting circle". It's obviously turned into something completely different, and generally speaking it's got a lot of really nifty stuff being shown.

But the problem with doing any punk community is that a lot of the members are going to be young just because too many "grow out" of being punk as they age. And with youth comes exuberancy that's often misplaced; in this case, the thought that any one doing any sort of business that doesn't involve total grassroots (for instance, a printing press in their backyard) being the same as corporate corruption. Of course it's not, any experience with the printing industry would show them this, but they're young and unwilling to listen to those who have that experience.

Anyway, I'm sorry for the crap. I know that 5eh is sorry too, since she's the one who pointed me to to the drama when she was complaining about it (I'm usually very bad at reading LJ anymore). I hope that a few vocal kids misunderstanding the larger picture do not harm the community's image too terribly.


What a bunch of HATERS. Any one of them would jump at a chance to publish a major knitting book with The Man. I know I would.

Knit on, sister!


Hey Share,
Wow, gotta love haters. Of course, if any of these malcontents had the help that you did in order to publish some cool knitting stuff, I don't think the vociferousness that was shown on the LJ page I read would be as noticeable.
Thanks for the e-mail, by the way! It sounds like your schedule's been super crazy lately, so I appreciate your time and effort in getting back to me personally. I've been doing tons of the 12-point circular dishcloths (from the Dishcloth Boutique webpage) lately, which are amazingly easy.
Take care of yourself, sweetie.


Who gives a fig what ASSHOLES think. They're just jealous of your style, girl. ;0)
You know they would jump at the chance to have a book deal.
They're just pissed they didnt think of it themselves.
Screw em.
You ROCK and you know it.
xo Moon

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