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March 13, 2006



I've been so curious about raw food, but i have to say that there's something in me that drives me to warm food. now, i do know that some food is heated but never above a certain temperature, but still, my body crave warm foods vs cool/cold foods. I'm interested to "watch" your journey.


I too will be watching your journey.
I try to eat vegi most of the time but I GOTTA have a steak now and then...and a baked tatter with sour cream and chives.........etc..
Now Im hungry.


Good luck with your raw food eating! I've never had interest in restricting anything from my diet [must.enjoy.everything!] but I've seen the benefits of eating that way. Keep us posted on how you like it! :)


Hi Share. This may be out of topic but, belated Happy Birthday to you, fellow Arian! I just saw your past and present videos. By golly, I don't understand why you're not as big as HOLE or something. You're my favorite musician, male or female. I'd probably cry if ever I see you play in person. Any hopes of visiting Canada this year?


Oh my god! I must apologize for including the word "Arian" on my previous comment. You must think me very wicked. I thought it meant "a person who was born under the sign of Aries." I was talking to my co-workers today and they laughed their heads off when I told them I'm Arian. The words "skin-head" and "nazi" came out. Then I got what it meant! I am soo sorry. I'm very, very embarassed and ashamed right now.


I know this was posted a while ago, but I just wanted to thank you for writing about raw foods. I thought was cute and quaintly impossible, but your posts made me interested. I started visiting the same forum and became more and more convinced there was something to this.

I gathered some recipes and now both my husband and I are also trying to go 100% raw. We've been eating mostly raw for the past three weeks, and it's great! I feel wonderful and the food is so healthy and delicious. Plus, I love the challenge of learning new ways to prepare food. Thank you, thank you!

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