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January 13, 2007



Dehydrator, huh? We sell cell phones (say that five times fast) where I work. Water damage is an automatic $60 charge minimum. That's good to know!

Congrats on the new job. Sounds like it will be a lot of fun.


I once dropped my phone in the sea and dried it out and it seemed to work ok for a while. Bits of salt kept falling out of for months after though :-)


Oh, goody goody! I've been looking for a good video knitting podcast! I can't wait! Keep us posted.


It was so great to finally hug you in person. Congrats again on the new book. We can't wait!


Hey Nathania...yeah, it was GREAT to meet you in person! You are the shining light I knew you would be. :-)

Re: knitting video podcast....I will keep this blog informed...of course!

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