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May 20, 2007


rock chick

Well, good thing I didn't take this one off of Bloglines, eh? Congrats, the book looks like it's doing splendidly! It's on my coffee table as I type. ;-)

share ross

Hey Rock Chick....thanks for the lovely comment! I'm honored that you have the book, too!
Rock on with your bad self! Love them socks you're workin' on.


Yay! I'm so glad you're gonna keep up with the blogging. I'm adding ALL your spots to my reader so, y'know....you just feel free to write in as many places as your little hear desires! ;)


Hi Share,

It was fabulous meeting you on Friday. I LOVED the garmets, and especially Alicia trying them on. You left one of your items at the shop. If you email me your snail mail at [email protected], I can send it to you.

Have a great time on your tour,

Elk Grove, CA


Hi Share! Glad you're keeping this blog up also...so wonderful to hear the book is doing well, and your launch party sounds like it was a total blast! Cops and everything huh? Now that's what I call a party! :)
Anyway, as I commented on your other blog, your book is doing great on the shelves of my library here in good old Ohio. I actually had a patron approach me the other day, and say thanks for ordering a book with new and fun designs. (We actually talked about our shared love for the felted hat and pixie shoulderette designs..)
So kudos to you and all who contributed to it!

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