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Shaz Scarf

Shaz Scarf

Knit this in an evening.
Knit with:
1 Karabella Labirinth in pink: #31305
1 Katia Sevilla ribbon yarn in black.
2 Pep Leo by Lana Grossa in #408 (pink/brown) furry.

Knit on 35's.
Cast on 10 with Labirinth and Sevilla.
Knit 4 rows.
Knit 2 rows with Pep Leo double stranded.
Carry on 4 rows and 2 rows.
Knit until mega mega long to double wrap around neck and look like fashion queen.

*This was my prototype. For the rest, I will twist the Pep around the other yarn so it's not such a long carry along.